Tips for whatsApp business app download and activation

tips for whats-app business app downloading and activation

Good news for whats app users why because of whats app business app now available in India. This app available in some countries only like US, Italy, UK, Mexico and now this app available in India Also. Whats-app business app is useful for small and medium business peoples in India. The company said the app would be useful for companies to connect with their customers and to grow their business.

This app is available in Google play store for free to Android mobiles.The features are simple in this app is similar to regularly use Whats App. However, Merchants need to create a business profile instead of a personal profile. Where merchants can put their information like their business, Address, e-mail etc. In this app, smart messaging options are available. With the help of these customers who are connected to whats app business, they can give the quick response to their questions. Automatic messages can be sent by this when a customer calls not received.

  • To install this app, go to Google play store and type whats-app Business in the search bar.Then hit on WhatsApp Business app Install, the installation process will start. After completion of installation open the app to activate.

whatsApp business app installation

  • First open the app to continue to log in, select the agree and continue.whatsApp will send an SMS to verify phone number. Then enter your phone number and then your mobile will receive OTP(One time password). it will send the otprevive photo and video, allow whats App Business access to your contacts and your devices, photos, media, and files, then select on continue button.
  • Next hit on allow, to allow whats-app Business to access your contacts.Enter your mobile number then hit on next button it will ask you to send the messages and hit on allow.Then your account will be activated.

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Tez app install,activation and benefits

tez app activation

we all know the people have suffered a lot of problems, due to the demonetization last year. In that time, taking money from banks is very difficult. Most of the peoples know about mobile digital payments apps or not known until the demonetization. Even if they know it, they do not use them. From the time of currency difficulties, now everyone has to move towards digital payments. Now government also encouraging it.

Recently Google has launched its new mobile payment service and its free of cost available in India, that is Tez app (for Indians).This app supports all the leading banks in India.

Tez app developed by Google LLC. It works on Android version 4.4 and up versions only.contacts

How to Download and activate Tez app

Download the Tez app from google play store and install it on your android phone.If you are using Apple phone, you have to get this app from the iOS store.Once Tez app is successfully installed on your phone you have to open the app and first select the language. At present nine languages are available in this app. ( Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, and English ). Select your mother tongue or select the default language as English. After completion of the activation process, you can also change the language.

How to activate the app

  • To activate this app first open the app and select your language, then press top right side corner arrow symbol, then it will go to next stage in that stage enter your mobile number, that to the mobile number must be linked to your bank account. Enter the phone number and hit the top right side corner arrow then it will go next stage.

tez app activation

  • Give the google account details, (means G-mail ID) to be linked to Tez app. Then the OTP process begins, Enter the OTP (one-time password ) within the given time (2 min otherwise it will lapse), what message you receive in your registered mobile and enter that OTP.

tez app activation

  • After completion of verification process. Tez app has to create Device lock or Google pin for security purpose.