G & Sr 51-75 bits

51. The speed of a goods train while entering terminal yard is restricted to

52. A signal which is taken OFF for a train will be put to ON position in emergency only to

53. After putting back starter/advanced starter for departing train LP of the train should be advised by a

54. The aspect in the normal position of fixed signals except Automatic Signals is

55. Even though departure signals are taken off, LP shall stop at stations where stoppages are scheduled in the

56. The signals that are prohibited to be used for shunting purposes is/are

57. Slip siding is intended to protect

58. Catch siding is intended to protect

59. By waving green flag by day and a white light by night up and down vertically as high and as low as possible indicate

60. Violently waving a white light horizontally across the body of a person indicates

61. A green flag/green light moved slowly up and down indicates

62. Detonators are also known as

63. Normal life of a detonator manufactured before 2010 is

64. Normal life of a detonator manufactured during 2010 and afterwards is

65. The signals to be used to warn the incoming train of an obstruction at night shall be a

66. The signals to be used to warn the incoming train of an obstruction during day shall be a

67. A blank signal under complete power off situation is to be treated as

68. When home is defective and pre warning is given, the LP may pass such signal on receipt of

69. Advance authority to pass defective Reception signal at the next station is

70. Authority to pass defective starter signal (if it is not LSS) is

71. On Double line when LSS is defective Authority to proceed is

72. On Single line token less section, when LSS is defective Authority to proceed is

73. The authority required by Loco Pilot when passes starter at ON partly and stopped before Advanced Starter

74. During day when Gate signal is at ON, the LP shall wait for

75. When Gate signal is at ON, the LP shall wait one/two minutes by day/night and gateman not available, LP may pass the gate after ensuring it is closed on the hand signals of

G & Sr 26-50 bits

26. When colour light Distant signal is combined with Gate/LSS, normal aspect of that signal is

27. In rear of the stop signal Distant signal is provided at a distance of

28. Wherever two Distant signals are provided the board that is eliminated is.

29. Calling On signal may be provided below any stop signal except

30. Calling ON signal in ON position will show

31. The light that is displayed when colour light Calling On signal is taken OFF

32. The indication of the Calling On signal when taken OFF is

33. The occasions when Calling ON signal can be used are

34. To take ठ OFF ठ calling ON signal, the train must come to a stop on

35. The time required to assume OFF position when calling ON signal is taken OFF

36. Shunt signal may be provided below any stop signal except

37. Shunt signal below stop signal, in ञ O् N ट position will show

38. The Aspect of independent shunt signal at ञO ् N ट is

39. The colour lights exhibited in Position light shunt signal in OFF position is.

40. The type of shunt signal that shall be provided in colour light area is

41. The authority to pass defective Independent shunt signal or shunt signal below stop signal at 'ON'. is

42. The authority for the LP When Shunting Permitted Indictor is defective, is

43. IB signal is identified by this marker board

44. When a fixed signal is not in use, it shall be distinguished by

45. Route indicators are treated as

46. When a signal is newly erected or shifted, caution order shall be given for a period of

47. When a signal is newly erected or shifted, in addition to issuing of caution order, it shall be notified in

48. Signal sighting committee will go on footplate inspection once in

49. The marker board by which Gate signal is identified by

50. The marker board for indicating the Outlying siding points are

G & Sr 1-25 bits

1. General Rules can be framed by

2. Approved special instructions are issued or approved by

3. The authorized officer of South Central railway is

4. Subsidiary rules are framed by

5. A fixed stop signal of a station controlling the entry of trains into next block section is

6. This includes a train, vehicle or obstacle on or fouling a line, or any condition which is dangerous to trains.

7. Special instructions are issued by

8. At a Block station the Station Limits are between

9. On Double line class 'B' station Multiple Aspect Signalling, station section lies between

10. On single line class 'B' MAS station, Station section lies between

11. The system adopted for the time being for the working of trains on any portion of a railway is known as

12. The classification of a station shall be mentioned in the

13. Before taking independent charge, whenever L Ps / AL Ps / SMs / Guards / Switchmen join this Zonal Railway, on transfer, they shall attend

14. No Railway Servant directly connected with the working of trains shall take or use any alcoholic drink, sedative, narcotic or stimulant drug or preparation before the commencement of his duty within

15. Signals used for controlling movement of trains as per G & SR are

16. The marker board that is provided to identify Distant Signal in colour light area is.

17 .The normal aspect of Distant signal is

18. Whenever two yellow lights are exhibited in Distant signal the Aspect is

19. Whenever one yellow light is exhibited in Distant signal the Aspect is

20. The indication of the Distant signal in Caution Aspect is

21. The indication of the Aspect of Distant signal in Double Distant territory is

22. The indication of the Proceed Aspect of Distant signal in Single Distant territory is

23. The aspect of Distant signal in single Distant territory when train is being received either on main line and is required to stop at starter or on a loop line and is required to stop at starter or to pass run through via loop line”

24. The signal which tells about the aspect of stop signal ahead is

25. Whenever Inner Distant is provided, the aspects Distant Signal is capable of displaying,

366 bits

Who is Darth Vader?

Who killed Beru and Owen Lars

Who is Kylo Ren's inspiration?

Who killed Greedo?

Why did those two Jedi fight?

How to create a G-mail account in telugu

మనం ఎవరికైనా మెయిల్ పంపాలన్న లేదా మనకు ఎవరైనా మెయిల్ పంపాలన్న, చాటింగ్ చేయాలన్న మన మొబైల్ కాంటాక్ట్స్ సేవ్ చేసుకోవాలన్న మెయిల్ ఐడీ అనేది చాల అవసరం. మీ ఒక్క జీ మెయిల్ ద్వారా గూగుల్ మ్యాప్,ప్లే స్టోర్ ,గూగుల్ న్యూస్,గూగుల్ ఫొటోస్,యూట్యూబ్ గూగుల్ డ్రైవ్ వాటిని ఆక్సిస్ చేయవచ్చు.

మనం కొత్త ఆండ్రాయిడ్ మొబైల్ కొని,మనం దాన్ని ఆన్ చేసి ఆక్టివేట్ చేస్తున్నపుడు జీ- మెయిల్ ఎంటర్ చేయమని అడుగుతుంది. దీనివల్ల మన మొబైల్ లోని గూగుల్ కు సంబంధించిన అన్ని యాప్స్ ను ఆక్టివేట్ చేసుకోవచ్చు. వెబ్ ఆధారిత ఈమెయిలు అన్ని సేవలు పొందవచ్చు మొబైల్

కొత్త G-mail account ను create చేయటం ఎలానో ఒకసారి చూద్దాం.


మీ పేరు లోని మొదట మరియు చివరి పేర్లను ఎంటర్ చేయండి.

1.Choose your username దగ్గర మీకు మీ మెయిల్ ఐడి ఎలా ఉండాలని మీరు అనుకుంటున్నారో ఆ యూసర్ ఐడీ ని టైప్ చేయండి.

2. ఉదాహరణకు మీ పూర్తి పేరు ram chandra అనుకుందాం, ఆ పేరును పూర్తిగా యూసర్ ఐడి ప్లేస్ లో టైప్ చేయండి మీకు ఆ మెయిల్ ఐడీ అందుబాటులో ఉంటే దానినే మీ యూసర్ ఐడి గా వాడుకోండి లేదా ఒకవేళ యూసర్ ఐడీ అందుబాటులో లేకపోతే అది మనకు వేరే ఐడి లను చూపుతుంది.

3. కొత్త పాస్వర్డ్ ఎంపిక చేసుకోండి లేదా కొత్త password ను టైప్ చేయండి.( మీ password యలా ఉండాలంటే,వేరే మీ ఫ్రెండ్స్ లేదా నీ ఇతరులు ఊహకందని విధంగా ఉండాలి.

4. మీ password లో ఇంగ్లీష్ లెటర్స్ , నంబర్స్ మరియు సింబల్ ఉండేలా చూసుకోవాలి అది కూడా ఎనిమిది లెటర్స్ తక్కువకాకుండా చూసుకోవాలి.(ఉదారణకు a-z , 0-1 మరియు . తప్ప మిగతావి వాడరాదు ),ఉదాహరణకు ram@1234567.

5.మీరు మీ పాస్వర్డ్ ను ఎంటర్ చేసిన తరువాత మరల confirm your password దగ్గర మరల సేమ్ పాస్వర్డ్ ఎంటర్ చేయండి.

6. Next పై క్లిక్ చేయండి.

7. వెరిఫికేషన్ కోసం మరియు మీ అకౌంట్ రక్షణ కోసం మీ మొబైల్ నెంబర్ లేదా ఈమెయిలు ID ని ఎంటర్ చేయండి.

8.మీ పుట్టిన రోజు మరియు జెండర్ ( male or female ) ను ఎంటర్ ఎంటర్ చేసి నెక్స్ట్ బటన్ పై నొక్కండి.

మీకు వెరిఫికేషన్ కోడ్ మొబైల్ లేదా మెయిల్ ఐడి కి ఒకటి వస్తుంది.దాన్ని ఎంటర్ చేసి ఒకే చేయగానే మీ మెయిల్ ఐడి ప్రాసెస్ కంప్లీట్ అవుతుంది.( పూర్తి ఐన వెంటనే గూగుల్ నుంచి ఒక వెల్కమ్ మెసేజ్ ఒకటి వస్తుంది.దీనితో మీ మెయిల్ క్రియేషన్ పూర్తయ్యాయి.)

Tips for whatsApp business app download and activation

tips for whats-app business app downloading and activation


Good news for whats app users why because of whats app business app now available in India. This app available in some countries only like US, Italy, UK, Mexico and now this app available in India Also. Whats-app business app is useful for small and medium business peoples in India. The company said the app would be useful for companies to connect with their customers and to grow their business.

This app is available in Google play store for free to Android mobiles.The features are simple in this app is similar to regularly use Whats App. However, Merchants need to create a business profile instead of a personal profile. Where merchants can put their information like their business, Address, e-mail etc. In this app, smart messaging options are available. With the help of these customers who are connected to whats app business, they can give the quick response to their questions. Automatic messages can be sent by this when a customer calls not received.

  • To install this app, go to Google play store and type whats-app Business in the search bar.Then hit on WhatsApp Business app Install, the installation process will start. After completion of installation open the app to activate.

whatsApp business app installation

  • First open the app to continue to log in, select the agree and continue.whatsApp will send an SMS to verify phone number. Then enter your phone number and then your mobile will receive OTP(One time password). it will send the otprevive photo and video, allow whats App Business access to your contacts and your devices, photos, media, and files, then select on continue button.


  • Next hit on allow, to allow whats-app Business to access your contacts.Enter your mobile number then hit on next button it will ask you to send the messages and hit on allow.Then your account will be activated.


Whats-app backup


Tez app install,activation and benefits

tez app activation

we all know the people have suffered a lot of problems, due to the demonetization last year. In that time, taking money from banks is very difficult. Most of the peoples know about mobile digital payments apps or not known until the demonetization. Even if they know it, they do not use them. From the time of currency difficulties, now everyone has to move towards digital payments. Now government also encouraging it.

Recently Google has launched its new mobile payment service and its free of cost available in India, that is Tez app (for Indians).This app supports all the leading banks in India.

Tez app developed by Google LLC. It works on Android version 4.4 and up versions only.contacts

How to Download and activate Tez app

Download the Tez app from google play store and install it on your android phone.If you are using Apple phone, you have to get this app from the iOS store.Once Tez app is successfully installed on your phone you have to open the app and first select the language. At present nine languages are available in this app. ( Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, and English ). Select your mother tongue or select the default language as English. After completion of the activation process, you can also change the language.

How to activate the app

  • To activate this app first open the app and select your language, then press top right side corner arrow symbol, then it will go to next stage in that stage enter your mobile number, that to the mobile number must be linked to your bank account. Enter the phone number and hit the top right side corner arrow then it will go next stage.

tez app activation

  • Give the google account details, (means G-mail ID) to be linked to Tez app. Then the OTP process begins, Enter the OTP (one-time password ) within the given time (2 min otherwise it will lapse), what message you receive in your registered mobile and enter that OTP.

tez app activation

  • After completion of verification process. Tez app has to create Device lock or Google pin for security purpose.



Nokia 3310 4G feature phone with android yun-OS

At present all smartphones are running with 4G technology are purchased by consumers.Mobile lovers are more interested in4G feature phones.For example, Jio 4G feature phone is one example.Some millions of peoples brought it.Many other companies have introduced their 4G feature phones in the market.


HMD global will also think in the same category, It will soon release the 4G variant to it is Nokia 3310 feature phones.It had a 2G support and launched a 3G variant of the same phone in September this year. However, It will soon launch the 4G variant for the Nokia 3310 feature phone.

In the 2G variable, Nokia series has 30+OS, the java based feature is provided in a 3G variant. The Nokia 3310 4G variant will be powered b android based universal OS.The Nokia 310 4G feature will be powered by a 4G VoLTE, along with several other attractive features.

The handset is powered by 2 megapixels back camera, 2.4-inch color display, flashlight, Bluetooth, FM radio, micro SD card slot, dual sim and 12 mAh battery.However, the firm did not give a clarity on whether this phone was going to be released.An official statement is likely to be released shortly.

File sharing is easier with Firefox send

The Best way to share the secret files with your friends and others more here.One of the best sources is available on the internet, this is firefox send website.It transfers the fully encrypted files.

Firefox send

Free software Mozilla Launched a new file sharing service and making file transfer easier.This software allows you to share the files like images, music and doc etc.The file size up to 1GB or below the 1GB.The files are sent through a link to other persons and each link is completely encrypted.The link will be automatically deleted when the file is downloaded from the firefox sender.

Firefox send is a secure file sharing service.This service allows files to be very speedy and confidential.Firefox send is able to transfer up to 1GB of files.Each file encrypted.When we upload a file on the Firefox send website it generates a link.This link works only 24hrs.Then it will be automatically deleted.

The use uploaded files on send.firefox.com will go to the firefox sender server first.Here the files are converted into sharing links to be completely encrypted and downloadable.The user will copy and paste the generated link into the other person.That will delete automatically when files are completely downloaded.

Process to share a file through send.Firefox

Firefox send

  • Drop your files up to 1GB or lesser files in the firefox send site.

send firefox

  • Uploaded or drag and dropped the files and it converts the file into a link, copy the link whatever link is generated by the site and share it with your friends or others.

firefox send

This link to your file will expire after the first download or in 24 hours.


How to backup the mobile contacts and save in Gmail

How to backup the contacts

How can we backup the mobile contacts on our android smartphone? So many times I got the problem while changing mobiles frequently and lost my contacts when mobile changing and saved the contacts by manual entering the contact and it’s very risky task if we have more contacts.

I would like to share you, simple steps to back up the mobile contacts on your phone.

You can move down the contacts on your phone or SIM card.You will have to do enter the contacts manually on the new phone.On the off chance that you spare your contacts to your google account, they consequently appear on your phone after sign in. you won’t have to reestablish contacts along these process.

when you buying a new mobile login or add an account with Gmail id or other mail ids.

If all contacts are saved in sim copy or move to phone storage or merge with google account.

First, add google account on your mobile, go to settings then select Account and Sync, select Add account and select google if you have a g-mail account.then give the relevant details to your account.

You can directly synchronize contacts to Gmail account on your phone.then your contacts will automatically save in your Gmail account.In some cases, all contacts not saved in mobile. In that situation import the contacts from SIM to mobile.Then merge the contacts with google account, all contacts will move to your Gmail account.

adding g-mail account in your mobile

The quickest way to back up any contacts on your Android phone. Download the Google contacts app from play store. To display contacts directly on your mobile if your contacts already saved in your Gmail account.