The best MX player useful tips and tricks

MX Player tips and tricks

Plenty of Android apps are available in the Google Play Store, in that most popular App, in the video section MX Player is the best app for android phones, that to video and audio fans.More options are available in MX Player for user comfort.In that most useful options explained below.

1. How to change the MX Player theme

After using few days this app, you feel bored when you seeing the same theme.But here some themes provided by the developer, By changing themes colors, it gives awesome look to your MX Player, To change the theme tap on 3 dots top right corner of the screen, then go to Settings, select the list then select which theme you want.

MX player useful tips and tricks

2. How to hide and unhide the video files

If you have some private video files on your mobile, to hide those video files one simple option is given in this app. To hide particular video press and hold for some while that video file, one pencil symbol shown below right side corner, tap on that and rename the file name with a dot before starting the file name( Example:-.filename) then select ok, after that automatically that file hides.

MX Player Useful Tips and tricks

To unhide the hidden video files go to settings and select the list option then scroll down and select the Show hidden files and folders. All hidden files and folders will appear, Select that file and rename the file without a dot.Then it normally appears.

MX Player Useful tips and tricks2

3. Use MX Player as a Music Player

No need to have another music player, use MX Player as a music player if you change some settings in the app. To activate this go to settings and then go to audio and select the first checkbox (Audio player) and exit from settings.All music files will be listed automatically and play the music files.

Use MX Player as Music Player

4. How to set Double tap to Pause and Play

Go to settings then select Player then go to player controls click on double tap (play/pause) check box.After that come back and play one video file, Double tap on display while playing the video it will stop playing, then again double tap on that video then it will start playing the video normally.

Hot to set Double tap to Pause and Play
Hot to set Double tap to Pause and Play

5. How to boost the volume

In normal volume is up to 15 points, if you want more or double the volume.HW decoder and SW decoder options are shown top right side corner. In that, select the SW decoder, then increases the volume up to 30 points and sound will boost gradually.

How to boost the volume

To Download MX Player Click here

How to select a best cell phone

Choosing the best Cell Phone

When you are buying a new cell phone, go through the following steps to choose the best cell phone.

Design and Built quality

Most of the mobiles come with plastic or metal type body for more durability.Some of the handsets come with glass type material, If we mobile dropped from 5-6 feet height, the metal body mobile can withstand when compared to plastic body mobiles.My best suggestion is better to buy a metal body mobiles.


All mobiles having the display in different models, there are different types of displays are available in different sizes depends on the requirement.Technically they are.

  • CSTN:- Color super twisted nematic,
  • TFT:-Thin film transistor,
  • TFD:-Thin film diode,
  • OLED:-Organic light-emitting diode,
  • AMOLED:-Active matrix organic light emitting diode,
  • Super AMOLED,
  • Super AMOLED Plus,
  • Resistive touchscreen,
  • capacitive touchscreen.

All cell phone manufacturing companies are manufacturing the cell phones the above-mentioned displays, in that newest one is AMOLED display variant cell phones.Color production is better than compared with other display cell phones, So better to buy an AMOLED display mobiles.


  Most of the peoples thinking high no of pixels camera phone is the best smartphone, why because it gives the better quality of pictures when compared to VGA or low pixel camera phones, More no of pixels mean to increase the picture size and quality of the picture.And also consider these options aperture, autofocus, color balancing, Video recording resolution, and Frame rate.

When you buying a mid-range smartphone consider below-mentioned options.

  • 8 MP or 12 MP
  • f/2.0-2.2 Aperture
  • Auto color balancing LED Flashlight.
  • Frame rating should be 30 fps.

  If you want to buy high-end camera phones go high specifications. One thing you should remember read the reviews on that particular device also choose high-quality camera performance smartphones.


There are two types of memories available for mobiles, one is Phone storage and external storage.Internal memory consumes OS and pre-installed Apps so this reason some of the companies are providing internal memory up to 64 GB.

The Smartphone comes with the high memory like 16 GB,32 GB,64 GB and 128 GB.Users who like to install more apps, music, videos files can go for 64 GB  or 128 GB is enough.