File sharing is easier with Firefox send

The Best way to share the secret files with your friends and others more here. One of the best sources is available on the internet, this is firefox send website. It transfers the fully encrypted files.

Firefox send

Free software Mozilla Launched a new file sharing service and making file transfer easier. This software allows you to share the files like images, music and doc etc. The file size up to 1GB or below the 1GB.The files are sent through a link to other persons and each link is completely encrypted. The link will be automatically deleted when the file is downloaded from the firefox sender.

Firefox send is a secure file sharing service. This service allows files to be very speedy and confidential. Firefox send is able to transfer up to 1GB of files. Each file encrypted. When we upload a file on the Firefox send website it generates a link. This link works only 24hrs. Then it will be automatically deleted.

The use uploaded files on will go to the firefox sender server first. Here the files are converted into sharing links to be completely encrypted and downloadable. The user will copy and paste the generated link into the other person. That will delete automatically when files are completely downloaded.

The process to share a file through send.Firefox

Firefox send

  • Drop your files up to 1GB or lesser files in the firefox send site.

send firefox

  • Uploaded or drag and dropped the files and it converts the file into a link, copy the link whatever link is generated by the site and share it with your friends or others.

firefox send

This link to your file will expire after the first download or in 24 hours.